Today’s topic is オノマトペ(onomatopée)🇯🇵

Today’s goal is to learn many expressions and get a sense of making them🙌🏻

日本人 use onomatopée a LoT everyday.
but it’s hard to learn then by yourself because there are so many onomatopée.
If you learn how to use them, I’m sure that it will be much easier to explain in Japanese!😊✨

How do you study Japanese to improve your speaking ??

Just talking with your friends??

In this Seminar,
①you can improve your Japanese by talking with natives through activities or group talk!

②you can get feedback from the natives!


date: 8/4 18:00〜21:00

address :〒530-8401大阪市北区扇町2-1-27

tuition fee : ¥1,500
(¥1,000 if you bring your friend)

(paypal :

access : 1min walk from 天満 station

purpose : to improve speaking and pronunciation

maximum : 20people


self introduction

today’s topic

new phrases


group talk about the topic with a native