May-chan and Nakanishi are going to talk about her Newlywed life.
She(Mai-chan)is going to start new life in Tokyo from April.

Today’s question : what should she be careful about new life?


No.1 新婚生活(しんこんせいかつ)

新婚生活:結婚した後の新しい生活です。(=Newlywed life)

-How’s life going as a a newlywed life

No.2 やっぱ 
やっぱり:as I thought、I realized again

-Today is your birthday isn’t it? I knew it!

I realized again how delicious ramen is.

No.3 生活(せいかつ)サイクル
生活サイクル= habit, life, routine

-My lives has been a little crazy.

No.4 朝型(あさがた)・夜型(よるがた)
朝型:a morning person 夜型:a night person

-Are you a morning person or a night person?

-It’s hard for me to get up early because I’m a night person

No.5 懸念点(けねんてん)
懸念点:心配しているポイント #formal

-Do you have any concerns?