Have you ever had experience of working in Japan?
Let’s have a listen to Casual Nihongo about this topic and learn some Japanese from this conversation!


Question :ちかちゃんは、日本で働くことをどう思っていますか?
What does Chika think about working in Japan?

Answer :仕事が終わった後、自由な時間がないと言っています。
She thinks that she doesn’t have much time after work.

今日のフレーズ (Today’s phrase)

No.1  慣れる(なれる)

慣れる:be accustomed to doing


-Have you gotten accustomed to working in Japan?

No.2 社会人〇〇年目(しゃかいじん〇〇ねんめ)



-I’ve been working at this company for 4 years.

No.3 片道(かたみち)

片道(かたみち):one way


How much is one-way to Osaka?

No.4 家を出る(いえをでる)

家を出る:leave my house


– I leave my house at 7 every morning

– I am leaving in 10 minutes

No.5 ~と比べて、どう?(~とくらべて、どう?)


How is Japan different compared to Japan.

How is it going your girlfriend compared to your ex?