what do you usually do on weekends?
Let’s have a listen to Casual Nihongo about this topic and learn some Japanese from this conversation!


Question :まささんは休日に何をしていますか?
What does Masa do on weekends?

Answer :韓国ドラマを観ています。
He watches Korean dramas.

今日のフレーズ (Today’s phrase)

No.1  土日(どにち)

慣れる:be accustomed to doing


-Are you free on this weekend?

No.2 カメラ越しに(ごしに)/ カメラの向こうで(むこうで)



・カメラ越しに、手 振ってるよ。
-She is waving to you in the video.

No.3 流行る(はやる)

popular / trendy / so in


-Korean dramas is so popular now right?

No.4 ものによる

ものによる:It depends


-“is a laptop expensive?” – “It depends”

No.5 飽きる(あきる)

飽きる:get tired of


-I got tired of staying at home.