Where is the place you recommend in Japan?
Let’s have a listen to Casual Nihongo about this topic and learn some Japanese from this conversation!


Question :「もえぴ」のおすすめの場所はどこですか?そして、何をしますか?
Where does she recommend? and what does she do there?

Answer:沖縄県です。Okinawa prefecture.
She goes to different islands from a main island. She swims and chills out

今日のフレーズ (Today’s phrase)

Today’s phrase = red  Kansai-ben = blue

No.1 飛行機が出てる(ひこうきがでてる)

飛行機が出てる = you can fly from~


You can fly from Osaka.

No.2 一泊する(いっぱくする

一泊する = stay one night


I stayed in Okinawa for one night and it was awesome.

No.3 やったら

やったら = もし〜だったら (if~, )


If you wanna learn Japanese, you should make Japanese friends.

No.4 現地(げんち)

現地 means “the place”
It depends on the topic you are talking about.

For example…
“ディズニーランド行こう” (Let’s go to Disneyland)
“じゃ、現地で会おう” (well let’s meet up there)


I went to Okinawa and talked with local people.

No.5 ゆったりする

ゆったりする = ゆっくりする (chill out)


It’s nice to chill out at the place you travel to