Do you have annoying senpai around you?
If so, how do you deal with it?
Let’s have a listen to Casual Nihongo about this topic and learn some Japanese from this conversation!


Question :「かんた」の会社にいる、うざい人はどういう人ですか?
– What are annoying Senpai like at the company where Kanta works? 

今日のフレーズ (Today’s phrase)

Today’s phrase = red  Kansai-ben = blue

No.1 お局(おつぼね)

お局 = an older woman (typically unmarried) that has worked in the office for a long time in the same position, who commands or leads others despite occupying a non-supervisory position, and who is perceived as intimidating and as frequently complaining. 

 Straw boss / Ms. Bossy Pants


– She is like a straw boss isn’t she?

No.2 あたりが強い(つよい)

あたりが強い = harsh


– My boss is only really harsh on me.

No.3 取り込む(とりこむ)

取り込む = install / take in  / bring in 


– Once I’m on good terms with my boss, everything will be better.

No.4 気に入られる(きにいられる)

気に入られる = be one’s favorite


– A person who tries to be a kiss ass tends to be hated

No.5 ピリ辛(ぴりから)

ピリ辛 = ①a bit spicy ②harsh*

*Actually ピリ辛 doesn’t have the second meaning.
but I guess Kanta kinda created the meaning, which derives from 辛口(Karakuchi). 辛口 has two meanings①spicy ②harsh


– This ramen is a bit spicy and tastes really good.