Do you have annoying senpai around you?
If so, how do you deal with it?
Let’s have a listen to Casual Nihongo about this topic and learn some Japanese from this conversation!


Question :「やまね」の会社にいる、うざい人はどういう人ですか?
– What are annoying Senpai like at the company where Yamane works? 

今日のフレーズ (Today’s phrase)

Today’s phrase = red  Kansai-ben = blue

No.1 〜のところ

やまねのところ = Yamane’s place ⇨ his company *depending on the topic


地震あったけど、大丈夫? 俺のところは大丈夫やけ
– There was an earthquake. Are you okay? I’m okay tho 

No.2 実力(じつりょく)

実力 = skills / abilities


– My company seems to require me to have skills not good personality.

No.3 指摘(してき)

指摘 = point out
advice < 指摘 < lecture


-We should appreciate the people who point out a mistake. 

No.4 バランスがいい

バランスがいい = good balanced 


– My coworkers are nice people (have skills)

No.5 反面教師(はんめんきょうし)

反面教師 = A good example of who not to be


– I’ll work hard thinking my boss of a good example of who not to be.