Nあ~ casual nihongo

What is “Nあ~ casual nihongo” ?

It’s an education service that you can learn casual Japanese and also natural Kansai-ben. I have so many friends from other countreis but none has any tools to learn casual Japanese. That’s why I am currently working on this. I hope my channel and this website will help you.

Why Kansai-ben?

I was born in Kyoto and raised in Kobe. Now I have lived in Kansai for over 20 years. As I have lived in Kasai for a long time, I realized one thing ; Kansai is one of the most comfortable areas for foreigners to live because I think personalities of Kansai people are similar to those of foreigners. I hope more and more people start to live in Kansai and learn Kansai-ben.
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Where does “Nあ~” come from??

“N” comes from JLPT. As you know, there are 5 levels : from N1 to N5. Then I created a new level on the top; “Nあ〜 level”

“Nあ~ level” is a native level not only in listening or speaking but also in cultures or sprits. “あ~” is a typical Japanese response in a conversation. If you use あ〜 unconsciously, that’s a sign that you could reach Nあ〜 level.